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Our Goal with the App Features

With over 11K downloads thus far, our goal is to present a daily growing comprehensive guide to eventually all the Berkshire County’s established and emerging local businesses while offering viewers a full spectrum of current events and entertainment, a complete interactive map of landmarks, full listing of all hikes EXCLUSIVE to Berkshire County. to Berkshire County.

Optimal visibility regionally from our specialized "micro market". We target all visitors, second home owners, college recruitment offices and locals offering ease of accessibility with an easily maneuverable design.

When the flow of traffic is spread throughout the county businesses see an increase in their revenues and ultimately the towns tax revenues increase. Makes Sense!

What The App Looks Like

A quick view....

Daily growing, easily recognizable icons tolocate type of business. If you don't see an icon that fits your business, we create one for you

Interactive map of landmarks in Berkshire County. We also offer a complete guide to all hikes in the county

Each business will receive a 499 character write up website link, google maps link, direct calling, a photo carousel...

...and links to social media & (depending on your pkg) links to video

Learn All About the Advantages Our App Has to Offer

Search via Town Name

Search via Town Name If you have some familiarity with Berkshire County you can simply click on the Town and all businesses, hikes, landmarks and events in that town will pop up 

Search via Business Name

If you are unfamiliar with the County you can search the type of business in the search bar OR search by name of the business 

Owners of Multiple Businesses in the County

If you have more than one business in Berkshire County they all list for the price of one.

Eco Friendly

Advertising with Berkhub is THE most eco friendly and inexpensive way tp advertise... its all digital.

Make Use of Our Push Notifications for Instant Messages to App Users

A push notification is an alert (typically a pop-up or other message) generated by an app when the app is not open, notifying users of a new message, update, social media post, etc.

Just email, am or text us any urgent specials or other short message you want to get to our users quickly. When you tap the message in the alert box it goes directly to your business advertising on the BerkHub App.

Providing Businesses a Needed Service

Learn The Benefits of Using The App For Your Business Needs

App vs Website

Apps are usable offline. While most app functions like accessing maps and making in-app purchases, only work online, the basic info (such as store location, hours, menus and products) can be accessible without service. If you use data service calls can still be made through the app

Speed & Accessibility

Apps use far less data time and download time and are far more effective and faster loading than individual websites

Greater Visibility

The App functions as a direct funnel to increase business visibility as well as the shopping experience, spreading the visitor flow throughout the county

We've Come a Long Way

About Us

My mother retired and moved to Sheffield 18 years ago, and I'm an L.A. transplant who landed in the Berkshires in early 2019. Berk Hub was born from the Pandemic and my mother's love for the Berkshires. The thought of smaller businesses losing their footing in a small town just didn't make sense, nor did the lack of visibility of so many wonderful shops located throughout Berkshire County. I used the monies made during covid-19 to create this app to benefit not just small businesses but all businesses' visibility, accessibility in welcoming them to the seamless digital world. Our population has increased (largely due to covid) and it has become important to navigate visitors, 2nd home owners as well as locals throughout this beautiful county.

Advertising Packages 

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BerkHub Advertising/Membership Agreement

Please provide all the information required below in order for us to proceed

Based on your social media/website content we will create your ad for you, along with 499 character written content about your business. Once the ad content is created we will email it to you for changes or approval. Once your ad is up on the app that is when your membership subscription begins! It's that simple.

If you are not heavily on social media or do not yet have a website, you can email your photos and written content (499 character max) to and the ad approval process continues as above. If you have questions call 413-854-3027.

If you have more than one business location within Berkshire County they all list for one fee

** We accept checks (payable to BerkHub), CashApp $BerkHubApp, and Zelle @BerkHubApp

BerkHub App Inc, P.O. Box 722, Housatonic, MA 01236

BerkHub reserves the right to refuse any business that does not align with the spirit of the app